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The NB Camping Association (NBCA) has developed, and ongoingly updates, a of  accreditation standards. These standards serve as a benchmark for safe and effective camp management. These standards are designed to ensure the safety, well-being, and overall positive experience for campers, families and staff alike. For individuals entrusted with the responsibility of running camps, adherence to these accreditation standards is paramount. The NBCA standards cover a spectrum of critical areas, including health and safety protocols, staff qualifications, program quality, and facility maintenance. By meeting these standards, camp organizers demonstrate a commitment to providing a secure and enriching environment for children. Meeting or exceeding these standards is a requirement for all member camps in the NBCA.

For families contemplating camp options for their kids, the NBCA accreditation serves as a valuable guide. Accreditation provides an assurance that a camp meets or exceeds established benchmarks for safety and quality. Parents can rest easy knowing that the camp has undergone a thorough evaluation process, encompassing everything from staff background checks to emergency response procedures. The accreditation process acts as a transparent framework, offering families insights into the camp's commitment to professionalism and child welfare.

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